About Us


Kirk Byers is the founder of Twin Bridges Technology–a business specializing in network automation training. He is the creator of the Netmiko Python library and also one of the maintainers of the NAPALM project. He teaches Python, Ansible, and Nornir courses for Network Engineers and writes about network automation. He is a long-time network engineer (CCIE #6243 emeritus), has extensive experience with *nix system administration, and is a Python programmer. He is interested in programming and networking and how to improve network engineering practices through automation.


Stephanie is Twin Bridges general and student support assistant. She helps in a wide range of areas including accounting, student billing issues, course roster management, email lessons, and various parts of the course lesson creation process. Stephanie frequently fosters rescue dogs, in addition to caring for her own pack of Ollie and Luna. Jupiter occassionally makes a cameo appearance in Stephanie's pack.

Our Pack

Zack is a programmer extraordinaire. His language of choice is Python. He loves programming and is very big into games including: Magic the Gathering, Brawl Stars, Wyrmspan, and Terraforming Mars.

Ollie and Luna specialize in chasing squirrels, taking naps, chewing chew toys (and occasionally laptop cables), and being good pups. They are both partial to Nornir.

Jupiter is all dog. She loves to be near her people and loves her food (not necessarily in that order). She likes the water, the beach, retrieving her water kong, and meeting new people. She is categorized as "an aggressive chew breed" and is living up to that grouping.