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Kirk Byers is the founder of Twin Bridges Technology–a business specializing in network automation training. He is the creator of the Netmiko Python library and also one of the core maintainers of the NAPALM project.

He teaches Python, Ansible, and Nornir courses for Network Engineers and writes about network automation at pynet.twb-tech.com. He is a long-time network engineer (CCIE #6243 emeritus), has extensive experience with *nix system administration, and is a Python programmer. He is interested in programming and networking and how to improve network engineering practices through automation.

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About Us

Our Courses

Since 2014, we have offered paid courses on network automation including courses on Python, Ansible, Netmiko, and Nornir.

Open-Source Work

Since 2014, we have been contributors to various Network Automation open-source projects.

In 2014, Kirk began work on the Netmiko library which simplifies automating legacy screen-scraping. We have actively maintainted that library since that time and have increased the Netmiko driver support to over eighty vendors.

In addition, to our Netmiko work we have done extensive work on the NAPALM automation library. Kirk is one of the core NAPALM maintainers. He was a key contributor on the Cisco IOS driver for NAPALM. He also has maintained many aspects of the NAPALM NX-OS driver and the NAPALM-Ansible modules.

Twin Bridges has also worked on the Nornir Automation Framework including maintaining the nornir-netmiko bindings and helping with several other Nornir plugins.

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