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Learning Python

Starting June 1st—a free eight-week, email-course for network engineers wanting to learn Python.

This course is intended for network engineers that have some basic familiarity with programming (for example, Perl, shell scripting, other language) and who would like to learn Python. The course covers Python fundamentals, but using examples and exercises that are more relevant to network engineers.

The course format is a lesson a week for eight weeks. The lessons are all delivered via email and consist of videos, exercises and additional content. The course is largely self-paced except for the weekly email cadence.

No previous Python experience is required. The course uses Python3.

The course will consist of the following lessons:

  • Week1 - Why Python, the Python Interpreter Shell, and Strings
  • Week2 - Numbers, Files, Lists, and Linters
  • Week3 - Conditionals and Loops
  • Week4 - Dictionaries, Exceptions, and Regular Expressions
  • Week5 - Functions and the Python Debugger
  • Week6 - Netmiko Basics
  • Week7 - Jinja2 Basics, Introduction to YAML and JSON, Complex Data Structures
  • Week8 - Libraries, Package Installation, and Virtual Environments

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